323 schools across the district have been closed

The cold wave has been affecting Mahottari residents’ daily lives for the past two weeks. The extreme cold has compelled residents of the district’s center, western, and southern sections, including Jaleshwar, to stay indoors.

The chilly weather has reduced people’s ability to move around in the district’s urban and rural regions, including Jaleshwar. The availability of transportation has begun to decline.

Traders claim that the market has seen a sharp surge in the sale of warm clothing. However, fewer people are now visiting the market to purchase other goods.

Health officials report a rise in the number of youngsters and the elderly getting sick and seeking medical attention. According to doctors, the cold has caused a rise in the number of patients at the district hospital.

Farmers claim that the cold has caused the winter crops, such as pulses, oilseeds, and vegetable crops, to begin decaying.

All 15 municipalities in the district have set up firewood burning in public areas in the villages to keep residents warm. Similarly, the Nepali Army unit stationed in Jaleshwar is attempting to bring hot water and tea to underprivileged Dalit communities. Additionally, the district’s 323 schools have all been shuttered.


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