FNJ anticipates political parties’ election manifestos to include language supporting press freedom.

The Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) has grave concerns regarding the way that political parties would approach the topic of mass media in their election manifestos.

Political parties are now drafting their electoral manifestos in preparation for the House of Representatives and Province Assembly elections. On November 20, there will be a single phase of voting for the twin elections.

The group representing journalists said it wants political parties to make pledges that are consistent with the importance of free speech, the free press, and their global standards and principles.

In a news release, the FNJ expressed its desire that political parties would develop commitments and plans that would ensure the free press and the right to free speech in addition to creating a thriving and profitable communications industry. For the growth and promotion of professional journalism, it wants the political parties to make contributions from their different positions.

In an effort to educate them on the value of a free press and to enlist their support for its advancement, the FNJ has also made the decision to meet and converse with the senior leadership of all political parties as well as their manifesto writing committee or task force.

The FNJ appeals to everyone to join its effort to strengthen journalistic freedom and lend their support.


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