How to Activate and Deactivate Call forwarding in Nepal Telecom?

A telephone function called call forwarding enables incoming calls to be sent to a different phone number. As a result, whenever someone dials the forwarded number, the call is instantly sent to the specified number.

Typically, a code must be dialed, the phone’s settings must be used, or the phone service provider’s app must be used to enable this function. People who are regularly on the go or away from their primary phone number may find it beneficial since it enables them to accept calls at another number without missing any useful ones.

How many types of Call Forwarding?

  • Unconditional Call Forwarding: Forwards all of your incoming calls to another phone number.(Dial **21*Number# to activate)
  • Call Forwarding when busy: Forward an incoming call when you are busy with another call.(Dial **67*Number# to activate)
  • Call forwarding when no reply: Forward the call when you did not answer an incoming call. (Dail **61*Number# to activate)
  • Call forwarding when not reachable: Forward the call when your phone is out of network coverage or the phone is switched off. (Dail **62*Number# to activate)

How to Activate/De-activate Call Forwarding?

The “Call Setting” menu of the phone often contains the option to enable or disable the abovementioned forms of call forwarding. Or dial the following code.

Unconditional Call Forwarding**21*Number###21#
Call Forwarding when busy**67*Number###67#
Call forwarding when no reply**61*Number###61#
Call forwarding when not reachable**62*Number###62#

Need to pay for the Call forwarding feature?

If “Ram” is making calls to “Shyam” and “Shyam” forwards calls to “Hari” then “Ram” pays as if it is calling “Shyam” and “Shyam” needs to pay as if it is calling “Hari“.

Is there any limitation to the Call forwarding feature?

Only calls to the NT Network (PSTN/GSM/CDMA) can be forwarded.

call forwarding while on hold and The wait function cannot be used at the same time.

If you use NTPro, you’ve previously configured call forwarding to the NTpro platform when a caller cannot be reached; if you do this again, your NTpro inbound will not function.


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