How to Activate/Deactivate Call Waiting feature in NTC?

A person can briefly put a call on hold using the call waiting feature of their phone in order to take an incoming call. Whenever necessary, the individual may switch back and forth between the two calls. Typically, pushing a button or hearing a tone that signals an incoming call will enable this feature. It enables one to answer several calls at once without missing any of them.

How to activate or deactivate Call Waiting Feature?

Activating or deactivating the call waiting feature is normally present inside the “Call Setting” menu of the phone. Or you can directly activate the call waiting feature by dialing *43#. And also you can deactivate this call waiting feature using #43#. Check the Call waiting status by using code *#43#.

Do we need to pay for Call Waiting Service?

No need to pay. It is completely free for Nepal Telecom subscribers.

Customers can usually add or remove the service at any time by contacting Nepal Telecom service provider and requesting a change to their plan. Some providers include call waiting as a standard feature in their plans, so it’s important to check with your specific provider to see if there is any additional cost for the service.

Is the Call Hold feature and the Call Waiting feature are same?

Call waiting and call hold are comparable but different services.

  1. Call Hold: Call Hold is a feature that enables users to place calls on hold so they may do other things, such as make another call, before picking up the original call again.
  2. Call Waiting: A caller who is presently on a call can be alerted of an incoming call using the call waiting feature. This enables them to answer the incoming phone, put the one they are on hold for on hold, and switch back and forth between the calls as necessary.


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