Makalu Base Camp – Best Trekking Destination but there are some Cons.

Michael Hider is a native of Germany. He and his wife Jutla Haider, as well as her friend Katrin Zaglauer, recently hiked to Makalu Base Camp. They were thrilled to be beneath the majestic mountains of Nepal.

“I adore the mountains of Nepal,” Michael stated to RSS in Langmale and Makalu Base Camp. Michael, who has visited Nepal several times, is concerned about the infrastructure. “I noticed track-like highways in certain spots,” he remarked, adding that he believes hiking trails should be natural and highly safe.

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His wife Jutla is also concerned about the badly constructed road. “The route from Khandbari to Num was quite awful,” Jutla explained, adding that “it is better to have no road than very bad roads.”

Germany has some off-road vehicles, but they are forty times better than what she has seen in the Khandbari-Num region.

– Jutla

Katrin Zaglauer, Jutla’s acquaintance, holds a similar viewpoint. She claimed she enjoyed the MBC trip, the nearby Sherpa hamlet, and the culture, but not the infrastructure. “I hope things will become better in the future,” she said along the MBC walking trail.

Anna-Mari-Trlin, a recent Italian trekker, feels the same way. “I was terrified in the landslide zones,” Anna said. “I don’t like this kind of trail.” Her boyfriend, Matteo Bedendo, feels the same way. Matteo noted that greater infrastructure is needed on magnificent walking trails such as the Makalu Base Camp trip.

Not just outsiders, but also Nepalese hikers, are concerned about insufficient infrastructure. “We were ready to conclude our journey from Dobato since we had to return after being unable to cross a stream in the severe rains,” said Madan Khabas, a Taplejung trekker.

He stated that his crew had to wait several days to cross the swollen rivulet. “Had there been a suitable route, this would not have been a problem,” Madan lamented. Similarly, Ujjwal Basnet, a trekker from the Sankhuwasabha area, described the broken track, irregular landsides, and badly maintained trail as heartbreaking. “It was spiritual to see a massive landslide region along the bank of the Barun river,” Basnet added, adding that the rope in Shiva Dhara was untrustworthy.


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