11,142 voters have been added in Kaski district

In Kaski district, there are now 11,142 additional voters registered to cast ballots in the next provincial assembly and house of representatives elections. According to the Provincial Election Office Pokhara, there are now 5,764 more female voters and 5,378 more male voters in the district since the local level elections.

Rudra Prasad Neupane, the Provincial Election Office’s information officer, reported that at that time, 15,022 people—7,393 women and 7,609 men—registered their identities with the office. 3,860 individuals from outside the area were also present.

The office will give each district’s name that is located outside of Kaski. In Kaski, there were 281,833 registered voters for the municipal elections conducted on May 13.

It should be mentioned that the administration has already set the next November 20 election date for the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly.


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