Congress leader Ramchandra Paudel has said Alliance both out of fear and compulsion

Ramchandra Paudel, a senior member of the Nepali Congress, has said that the five political parties’ coalition is the consequence of both pressure and fear. He stated today at a news conference hosted by Nepal Press Union Chitwan that other parties would form an alliance if Congress did not.

The alliance-building strategy, according to leader Poudel, is urgently required. Although leader Paudel said that it is currently necessary to go forward together, he added that running for office alone and forging an alliance afterwards is also an option.

He stated that a decision will be made about seat distribution based on the potential of the parties on the ground and consideration of the public opinion below.

In answer to a media question, he stated that the party will decide who would serve as the nation’s next prime minister following the elections but noted that it was not yet appropriate to make the announcement.

The NC leader said that the President shouldn’t halt the Citizenship Bill because the legislature has already approved it.


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