Vice-president observes Bhairav Dance in Bhaktapur

Yesterday in Madhyapur Thimi, Vice President Nanda Bahadur Pun attended the famous and historical Laiyaku Bhail dance.

On Saturday night, Madhyapur thimi Mayor Surendra Shrestha, Deputy Mayor Bijay Krishna Shrestha, and other dignitaries welcomed the Vice President to the Balkumari temple grounds.

Vice President Pun learned about the cultural, religious, and historical significance of the Laiyaku Bhail Dance while seeing the traditional Bhairav dance in front of the Balkumari temple.

Vice President Pun received tika and prasad from Bhairav dancing master Arjun Shrestha, while Niranjan Shrestha received prasad and flowers. At the event, Guru Shrestha gave him a Bhairav mask, and Mayor Shrestha gave him a picture of the Bhairav Dance.

Despite the rain, the first day of the dance, which finished this morning, went on all night. After a 45-year absence, the tantric and ancient Bhairav dance is being performed thanks to the locals’ initiative, the municipality’s support, and donations.


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