Roman to Nepali Unicode

Convert Roman font to Nepali Unicode font.

Nepali Unicode to Preeti

Convert Nepali Unicode font to Preeti font.

Preeti to Nepali Unicode

Convert Preeti font to Nepali Unicode font.

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Nepali Calendar

Nepali Calendar called as Nepali Patro is a Bikram Sambat Calendar.

Weather Forecast

Live Updated Weather conditions for a Day / Week / Month.


Read today's free daily Nepali horoscope for all zodiac signs.

Fruits and Vegetables

Latest Vegetables and Fruits market Prices in Nepal.

Today’s Gold & Silver

Today's Updated Gold and Silver price in Nepal.


Nepali Exchange Rate

Today's Exchange Rate for Foreign currency to Nepali Rupees.

Loan Calculator

Get An Estimate Of Interest Rates And Repayments With Loans Calculator.

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